The Cabincore Decor That’ll Give Your Home The Coziest Vibes

Who could have guessed that in 2021, the next frontier of home decor would be American frontier life? A quick look on TikTok will show you that Gen Z is coming for the rustic life of the 1880s. Deemed “cabincore,” it’s a style that evokes a Laura Ingalls Wilder vibe of wood-burning stoves and speckled cookware. From flannel decor to exposed wooden shelves, you can make your house feel like a winter wonderland with a few accent pieces.

As a home aesthetic, cabincore may be a natural choice for outdoorsy folks and those who earnestly like hiking. Yet around holiday season, it’s also a great substitute for those who want their place to have a little winter festive flare without going full Santa’s workshop. If you’re more Taylor Swift’s “Red” than everything red and green, adding some pine details or plaid textiles can bring some rustic warmth without being too Christmasy.

So boil some water over the stove for your winter spice loose leaf tea, grab your so-called “camping” mug (that you unironically use indoors) and put on your warmest pair of wool socks. Turning your studio apartment into a little house on the prairie is easier than you think.

If you’re trying to make your home feel like a rustic Airbnb on a lake in the trees, we’ve rounded up some cabincore home decor below.

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