William Shatner’s Space Interview With CNN’s Anderson Cooper Takes A Filthy Turn

Cooper repeatedly cracked up as Shatner, 90, peppered their conversation about his seat on the next mission from Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin with jokes and sarcastic zingers.

Shatner, aka Captain Kirk on “Star Trek,” joked about being “ravaged by time,” ribbed Cooper about the sci-fi show being “all pretend” and busted out some innuendoes about the phallic shape of the Blue Origin rocket.

“We’re inseminating the space program,” Shatner quipped. “It certainly does look … when they say insertion, do they really mean insertion?”

Shatner talked about pressing his nose “against the plastic window” on the flight, saying he didn’t want to see “somebody else out there looking back at me.”

And when asked about his training, Shatner deadpanned that he was “running miles and miles” and “taking deep breaths, the best training is to fill my lungs and let the air go out.”

Watch the full interview here:

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